Bringing Prof. R.S. Sindhu’s fans together

Many of us have/had a distinct opportunity of being associated with Prof. R.S. Sindhu as a student at UG/PG/Research level, a trainee or a colleague . His versatile knowledge, professional skill, sincerity, honesty and humility have always inspired all of us. This forum is an attempt to bring all his fans together.

The core objectives of the forum are:

  1. To foster the spirit of sincerity, honesty and industry as practiced by Prof. R.S. Sindhu during his teaching and research career.
  2. To provide a forum for getting answers to different problems related to Chemistry and other disciplines of Science.
  3. To get informed about new developments taking place in Chemistry and other areas of Science.
  4. To update knowledge about suitable and innovative pedagogical practices for teaching – learning of different concepts of Science.
  5. To inform the fellow members about personal and professional achievements of each individual.
  6. To cooperate and coordinate with fellow members in their professional endeavors.


The reaction of ethanoic acid(acetic acid) with sodium hydrogencarbonate(old name- sodium bicarbonate, common name baking soda) should lead to release of heat energy as acetic acid neutralizes a basic salt.

However, it is an endothermic reaction. The reaction is- CH3COOH + NaHCO3 = CH3COONa +H2O + CO2

The reason behind that is that the number of molecules of products is more than of reactants. It means the disorder has increased.Even a gaseous substance carbon dioxide is formed which further increases disorder. If the disorder in the system increases , entropy of the system increases and that of surroundings decreases. The entropy of the surroundings decreases as heat energy from it is absorbed by the system for decrease in the disorder. As a result surrounding becomes colder. It concludes that the reaction will be endothermic.

The same is the case of reaction of barium hydroxide(solid) with ammonium chloride(solid). Solid mixture is stirred in test tube. ammonia gas evolves out and the surrounding becomes cold. This is also an example of endothermic reaction. Another example of endothermic reaction which can be shown easily with very low cost is the reaction of citric acid with sodium hydrogencarbonate(sodium bicarbonate). Sodium hydrogencarbonate is an IUPAC name.


Applications are invited from PhD students to work with Overseas institutions who have signed an agreement / MOU with SERB for student mobility.


The scheme is open to Indian nationals only.

The applicant should have registered for full-time PhD degree in any of the recognized institutions/Universities in India with science, technology, engineering or mathematics( including medicine, pharma, agriculture and related S&T areas) discipline.

Part-time and sponsored students are not considered under the program. Also students who have submitted their theses for award of the degree of PhD are not eligible to apply.


The selection would be made among students who obtained an offer letter from Overseas institution to carry out research in chosen areas of interest to India. The applicants who intend to undertake research visit to the following Universities with whom SERB had signed the MOU should apply directly to the University:

  1. Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA. Contact person- Heidi Arola more details- htt-://
  2. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Contact person- Nicole Dewart,senior coordinator, sponsored student program. For fellowship, travel fare, per-diem and other guidelines, please contact: Programme coordinator, overseas VDF, SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD 3RD& 4TH FLOOR, BLOCK II, TECHNOLOGY BHAVAN, NEW MEHRAULI ROAD, NEW DELHI-110016. Email: phone: 011-26552210011-26552138. Last date is 18th November, 2022.


UGC has revised the following PhD admission norms:

The candidates holding four-year undergraduate degree with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 7.5 can get admission for PhD program.

The professionals also can pursue part-time research courses for getting PhD degree.

Now, UGC has dropped the norm to reserve 60% of available seats for NET/JRF qualified candidates in higher education institutes( such as universities, colleges )

It is to be informed that earlier, candidates having post graduate degree with at least 55% marks were eligible for admission to PhD program.

The MPhil degree course has been dropped.

Off campus Virtual drive in Capgemini for fresher hiring – Pursuit and Pre-sales

Candidates who have completed graduation -BBA/MBA and PGDM in 2020/2021/2022, can consider this excellent opportunity with Capgemini

The positions are meant for bid management and candidate should have more than 50% aggregate marks with no active backlog

To register for the same, candidates can go to Capgemini’s university recruitment portal called Superset. For any queries, drop email to


Bank of Baroda is going to appoint IT professionals for different posts on contractual basis. The contract can be extended as per need and performance of IT professional.

For age, qualification, experience, required fees and other information please visit the site of the bank. – under ->Career Page -> Current Opportunities->Recruitment of IT Professionals on Fixed Term Engagement on contractual basis.

Before applying and depositing fees, please go through the full advertisement.


The Controller General Patents, Designs and trademarks invites applications for hiring contractual manpower in the capacity of senior associate, research associate and young professionals on contract basis. They will be posted at Indian Intellectual Property Offices at Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur. The period of engagement will be initially for a period of one year further extendable subject to satisfactory performance.

Closing date for online application: 1st November, 2022.

For more details and online application for the said posts, please visit the official website –


Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan is going to conduct a science talent search examination.

  1. The students from classes 6 to 11 can take part in examination.
  2. The answers will be given by using digital devices.
  3. Answers can be given in any language from available 12 languages. The objectives of the examination are- to create interest among students for pure science and to provide hands-on training. The last date of registration is 20th October, 2022 Register at—-


Nobel prize winners for year 2022 in different areas have been declared. The following is the list of recipients.

Area Winners Work

Physics- 1.Alain Aspect(France) Discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics that paved

the way for quantum computers, networks and secure

encrypted communication

2. John F Clauser(USA)

3.Anton Zeilinger(Austria)

Medicine- Svante Paabo(Sweden) Sequenced the genome of the previously unknown

hominin Denisova.

Chemistry- 1. Carolyn R. Bertozzi(USA) For the development of click chemistry and

bioorthogonal chemistry. It just says click and the

molecules are coupled together.

2.Morten Meldal(Denmark)

3.K. Barry Sharpless(USA)

Literature- Annie Ernaux(France) For the courage and clinical acuity with which she

uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective

restraints of personal memory.

Peace- 1. Ales Bialiatski(Belarus) Champions of human rights, democracy and

peaceful co-existence.

2. Memorial: A Russian rights group

3. Center For Civil Liberties( Ukraine)

Economics- 1. Ben Bernanke(USA) For their research on how regulating banks and

2. Douglas Diamond(USA)

3. Philip Dybvig(USA)

propping up failing lenders with public cash can stave

off an even deeper economic crisis, such as the great

depression of the 1930 to 1939